Japanese Idol, Supernova released their latest single and topped the Oricon music chart placing in number 2.
Supernova was appointed by United Nations to become the activists for UN Friends (Friends Of The United Nation Asia-Pacific).
Last June 14, before they had a concert in Yokohama, they were awarded as activists of United Nation’s side (Friends Of The United Nation Asia-Pacific Activist, FOUNAP Activist). This is the first time they selected someone to become an activists.
UN Friends helps restore the damages from natural disaster around the world and also to promote world peace. UN NGO representative organizations held large and small events and all proceeds are given to the victims of Earthquake.
United Nation appointed Supernova to become the representative of UN Friends. UN Friends, an NGO group, helps restore the damage caused by natural disasters and also to promote world peace. Last March, Supernova visited Iwate Prefecture and provided funds by tour to help the victims of earthquake. Leader Yoonhak said, “With our little strength, we’ll be glad to help, we will go wherever needed.”
In addition, Supernova released their 11th single Kimi ni Ai takute last June 15 and it was immediately on the 2nd spot of Oricon Daily Chart. It was on the same place until the 16th .
Supernova are now in full swing tour in Japan. June 13 and 14, they’re in Yokohama Pacific Hall, June 17 in Kobe and June 19 in Nagoya. The tickets were sold out.
Supernova were thankful, “It’s been a long time since we released a single and ranked to the second place. It’s what we achieved based on local and international support.”
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