-Song JiHyuk, Kim SungJe, Park GeonIl, Han JiHoo, Kim KwangSoo-

Originally a 5-member group. Ex-trainee, Han JiHoo dropped out shortly before they debut because he had bigger dream to be an actor. He even recorded the debut album, and shot album photos with the rest of the members.

-Jinon, Geonil, Kwangsoo, Sungje, Yoonhak, Jihyuk-
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After Han JiHoo left the group, the company added two members. They're Yoonhak, andJinchul (aka Jinon, now F.Cuz leader) to make it a 6 membered group. I'm not sure what happened next, they replaced Jinchul with older trainee, Sungmo, and become Supernovawe know until now.

Before they have group name, fans called them as "GM 6-membered group" because they were under GM, but the company merged with MNet Media.

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