Pop group Choshinsei (Supernova) will release their 11th single, “Kuriunnare -Kimi ni Aitakute-“, on June 15th, and it’s also been revealed through online shopping sites that the group will release two new singles simultaneously on August 10th.

The first is “Kimi dake wa Hanasanai“, and it’s said to be a pure medium ballad that leaves unwavering feelings for an important person.

“Kimi dake wa Hanasanaide” will come in three versions, two limited editions and a normal edition. Each edition will come with a different jacket, but contain the same tracks.

The cover for limited edition A will have Jihyuk and Geonil, and it will also include a DVD with a PV and a serial number card for an event.

Limited edition B will have Kwangsu and Sungmo on the cover and will come with another jacket randomly selected from six designs.

The regular edition will have Yunhak and Sungje on the cover.

Track List

1. Kimi dake wa Hanasanaide

2. By Your Side

3. Kimi dake wa Hanasanaide (Instrumental)

4. By Your Side (Instrumental)

The second single they will release is “Meki☆Love“, and the song is said to have a catchy refrain and be an “impressive” upbeat song. It will come in three editions as well, two limited and a normal edition.

Limited edition A will include a bonus DVD that includes a PV and include 2 application tickets with a serial number for an event.

Limited edition B will have an alternative jacket and 1 of 3 random sticker designs, and it will also come with two application tickets with a serial number for an event.

The normal edition will only include the two application tickets.

Track List

1. Meki☆Love

2. U are the ONE

3. Meki☆Love (Instrumental)

4. U are the ONE (Instrumental)

Shinseido has also listed some of the details on the singles’ special privileges.

Course A is Choshinsei’s “Chou☆Summer Festival Episode 2” event, and 4,000 names will be chosen at random. The event will take place on August 13th, but the date and time have yet to be determined. Winners are scheduled to be announced by mail only on August 12th.

Course B will be a digital content present from all the members!

Each course can only be applied by one serial number, and it is possible to apply for both courses, but the serial numbers (application cards) must be different. The deadline for both courses are different as well.

Both will start on August 9th at 12:00 PM, but course A will end on August 11th at 23:59 and course B will end on August 14th at 23:59.

More details will be revealed later, so check back with tokyohive for those updates!

Source: Shinseido + tokyohive

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