A historical drama ‘King Geunchogo’ casted member of idol groups all of sudden. Recently the makers told they casted three idols – Eun Jung and Qri in Tiara, Geon Il in group Supernova.
KBS 1TV historical drama ‘King Geunchogo’ starred Gam Woo Sung has been struggling with low viewer ratings of 10%. KBS weekend historical drama created popular historical dramas once such as ‘The First King Wang Gun’, ‘Dae Jo Young’, ‘The Tears of Dragon’ but recent one is less than expected. So, viewers are skeptical of casting idols.
Eun Jung was casted as ‘Jin Ai’ and will act the one of two head of Jin family, Imperator Jin Godo’s daughter. Jin Ai brings up the image of King Geunchogo’s mother So Sook Dang as ladylike and good-natured woman character. And later she will married Goo Soo and stand out as the number one queen in BaekJe. This is the second trial for Eun Jung to act on historical drama after ‘Land’ in 2005. She has built her experiences in acting with drama ‘coffee house’, ‘dream high’ and etc. But we cannot be sure whether she will adapt to historical drama not a drama of present-day life.
Moreover, Qri in Tiara got the role ’Princess YeoJin’. She is like tomboy resembles her mother Hong Ran. She married old man Sa Gi and annoys him in various ways but she becomes faithful wife to Sagi with breaking through her obstinacy when she meets Sagi again after he left due to the asylum. It is also second challenge to the historical drama for Qri after drama ‘Queen Seon Duk’ but it is still risky situation because her acting ability was not well proved.
Geon Il in Supernova joined the drama. He casted as ‘Shoi Kko Bi’ and it is the first time to act on the historical drama. He appeared as singer and killer on SBS drama ‘Sign’ and acting he most has done was dead body. But he has built experiences on many dramas such as ‘Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School’, ‘I Will Love’, ‘Soul’, etc. However it is questionable that he could act the important role ‘Shoi Kko Bi’ which will lead the most portion of dramas after.
Considering those three has at least experience in acting on dramas, we could expect to watch it. However, it could not ignore the views that worry their acting abilities.
Especially most viewers are middle-aged so that they may disrupt focusing on the drama of viewers with their unproved acting abilities. Historical dramas are usually based on middle-aged actors’ stable acting abilities. But if it becomes the test of idol’s acting, it will affect as position to the drama.
One related person of drama said, “I couldn’t get the reason why makers casted three idols”, and added, “It is still risky even though they want to recover the viewer ratings. Casting idol members could get spotlight in a short time but it is less potential to appeal middle aged people. I just worry if they lower the degree of completion.”
Source Via : Nate
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