MBC every1 Kim Young Chul, Park Seul Gi and Supernova’s Kwangsoo’s Parody of Secret Garden was a challenge and it created a huge laughter. Last Monday, Jan 31, was the broadcast of Real School’s 13th episode. Charismatic Kim Young Chul was in trouble and Park Seul Gi was making assessment to the students, they were in a scene same as Secret Garden and showed a parody. Kim Young Chul saw photos and showed it to Park Seul Gi from Secret Garden and they had an argument. With a bizarre scene, Kim Young Chul-Park Seul Gi- Kwansoo shows a Secret Garden kiss parody. It was exceptionally shocking and everyone laughs. Real School actors and the whole staff was really laughing at the scene. “The experience was unforgettable.” They said. Supernova’s Kwangsoo said, his “first acting challenge” seems to be very exotic. Shocking? “The scene is tough to shoot, every time we start shooting, I laugh. And also seeing Young Chul Hyung’s face so we have so many NG.” The experience wasn’t easy but it’s unique. credit: JKN News trans by: snowflakes065 @ Supernova PH

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