Hallyu idol group Supernova revealed that they’ll be concentrating on their Korean activities this year as ‘actor idols.’

In an interview with Newsen, a representative of their agency revealed, “They’ve been receiving a lot of love in Japan lately and have mainly focused on their Japanese promotions. This year, they’ll be paying extra attention to their Korean activities and promote for as long as possible.

He continued, “Last year, they were only able to promote for four weeks in Korea, causing many fans to feel disappointed. They’ll be releasing a Korean album this March that features a lot more ‘weight’, in comparison to their Japanese releases.”

Supernova will also embark on their acting activities as well. A few of the members have already gone into official preparations, as member Kwang Su has a role in MBC’s upcoming sitcom, “Real School“, while Sungje and Sung Mo will be entering the musical industry through “Really Really Like You” and “Coronation” respectively.

Geon Il was the first member from the group to debut as an actor via the 2009 mini-series, “Soul.” Consequently, he’s received the most love calls from drama productions, and is currently in discussions for his next project. Leader Yoon Hak completed filming in Japan recently for the NHK’s drama series, “Loving Kimchi.” His drama begins airing next month.

Jihyuk is also auditioning for various dramas, and has fitted acting classes into his schedule.

The representative continued, “Unlike other idols, all of the members of Supernova are able to take up an acting career. They’ve been training in acting ever since their debut. We’ve been receiving many drama offers, but we’re taking our time in selecting roles that best fit each member. Please look forward to them.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Daum + allkpop

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