NHK will be starting up a new drama titled “Love Kimchi“, which will be headed by none other than Choshinsei’s Yoonhak! While the plot and character details remain a bit hazy, what is known is that the Hallyu pop star will be playing as a Korean man, ‘Lee Won Joon’. Leaving a message on the drama’s official website, Yoonhak expressed his slight nervousness for the role, yet he feels motivated to carry out the story to the best of his abilities. He also stated his love for kimchi (Korean pickled vegetables), as well as its importance to Choshinsei: “Even when eating ramen noodles, or beef bowls… we need kimchi.” The drama will co-star actress Shihori Kanjiya, and begins airing on NHK from February 18th. Stay tuned to tokyohive on further updates on this mysterious new drama! Tip: sachiko erin credit tokyohive
*sorry for the late updates, was busy with MULA SG
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Best news ever! ^^
    I'm looking forward to this drama. ♥♥

  2. Anonymous says:

    wait 4 his drama and Sungmo and Sonje kun 's musicals.
    so three vocals have chances to act,three rapper make a coordination with a japanese singer(4get her name)
    hope this time they will receive more attention from K
    I feel they need something really huge movitation
    sth make them become a big star

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