After wrapping up their sold-out showcase in Japan’s Yokohama Arena on December 21st, Supernova met with reporters at a post-conference and revealed their thoughts on completing a successful year overseas.

Supernova started, “We’re extremely thankful for so many fans outside of Japan and Korea coming to visit our ‘Supernova Show 2010.’ It’s because of everyone’s support that we’ve made it this far.

The group previously recorded all six of their concerts selling out and went on to add, “Our main purpose was to properly deliver K-POP music. The songs we promoted in Korea with fit well with the strategies we used in Japan.”

Their concert itself was nothing short of a hit, as it managed to gather over 12,000 fans of all age groups. The group performed a total of 28 different tracks, including “Get Wild,” “Ai Kotoba,” “Love Letter,” and many others. They also introduced a few Korean songs as well, including their August hit track, “On Days I Miss You,” a Christmas carol, “La La La,” and “My Memory.”

Their fans also refused to budge once the concert came to an end, only started filing out after the boys performed three encores.

One of the more interesting points of the concert was that an interpreter would not have been found on the scene, as all six members are fluent in Japanese. All of the productions held on stage were delivered 100% in Japanese, confirming the group’s status as the Korean idol group with the most natural speech.

A production manager from their Japanese team commented, “Supernova reached out to a large variety of audiences through singing for dramas, which mothers watch, and helped K-pop become more largely accepted. Their skills are exceptional and they have a stable fanbase as well.”

Member Yoon Hak stated, “Our Japanese tactic was to use the K-pop style as a base. Our recent track,Shining Star,’ was produced by Brave Brothers and ranked fourth on the Oricon chart.

Sungje continued, “Of course there are difficulties. We thought a lot about giving up because we couldn’t achieve much success in Korea. Instead of giving up, however, we grouped together even tighter and learned Japanese as if our lives were on the line.

When asked to reflect on the amount of love they’ve been receiving three years into their debut, Supernova continued, “When we first came to Japan, we weren’t able to contract with a distribution company. We had to study Japanese and personally visit record companies. There were a lot of times we wanted to give up, but those feelings developed into wanting to try even harder. With that determination, we’ve made it this far.

Regarding the many K-pop groups crossing over to Japan, such as SNSD, KARA, 4minute, the Brown Eyed Girls, B2ST, U-KISS and 2PM, member Yoon Hak continued, “K-pop is addictive and it’s difficult to not be seduced by it. I hope that we can all support each other as juniors and seniors to achieve good results.

Wrapping up the conference with comments on their future activities, Supernova disclosed, “We’ll be releasing a new album around March or April of 2011 in Korea. We’ll also be participating in a wide range of genres such as musicals, sitcoms, and MCing positions."

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