Popular music festival Ontama Carnival 2011 will be held over two days at the Yokohama Arena on January 29th and 30th and they have just announced their 3rd wave of guests for the event.

This time around the festival has added the pop/rock band SCANDAL to the performances on the 29th, and idols J Soul Brothers and AAA to the performances on the 30th. The festival will open on the 29th with Porno Graffitti guitarist Shindo Haruichi, Shounen Kaze’s SHOCK EYE, and also the newly formed unit THE Yatou.

These guests will be joining the previously announced lineup of Cocco, Saitou Kazuyoshi, Sukima Switch, Perfume, CHEMISTRY, and Choshinsei. The festival is still planning to announce additional waves of guests to the two day lineup, so fans should stay tuned for further updates!


「au by KDDI」 presents Ontama Carnival 2011

January 29th – Yokohama Arena OPEN 13:00 / START 14:00 Lineup :Cocco / Kazuyoshi Saitou/ Sukima Switch/ Perfume / Negoto/ SCANDAL / THE Yatou

January 30th – Yokohama Arena OPEN 13:00 / START 14:00 Lineup :CHEMISTRY / Choshinsei/ Sandaime J Soul Brothers / AAA / and more

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  1. 1234back says:

    this year too!! I just found out they went last year... am I right??
    oh! and I love the new layout! ^^

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