Supernova will perform live at Aichi Festival. Leader Yunhak is back in his second home. The festival was held in the ccampus of Nagoya City, Aichi University. The 64th annual festival is “I LOVE YOU.” “ The university is amazing. I went to my alma mater for four years.” Supernova’s leader, Yunhak said. Before his debut in Korea in 2007, had studied in Japan Yunaku. Raise awareness at a stretch after the Japanese debut last year as part of a supernova, received an offer from the university. Of course, the supernova is readily readiness. The festival appeared to be his alma mater will be the first Korean artist. Before his debut in Korea way back in 2007, Yunhak studied in Japan. After the debut in Japan last year, the awareness from the university was raised. He’s also the first Korean artist from his alma mater. Yunhak said, “My four years in the campus had passed. I missed it. I can’t believe I’ll return in Aichi University together with Supernova. It brought back many memories. I am really excited. I want to enjoy this memory endlessly.” The release of their single, "Shining ☆ Star" will be announce in their official site. credit: Sanspo News Rough Translation by: snowflakes065 @SPH

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