Supernova was recently interviewed by Bloomberg SPN, “Idol group in Korea shows their skill in incomparable level. Recently, there are many Korean group debuting in Japan. Girl Groups like Kara and Girls Generation are taking high interest among Japanese. After two years, Supernova returned in Korea and released a new mini album. They emerged as a popular group that’s in the spotlight again. Local Japanese pop groups are unusual. They are particular with their musical ability and brilliant performances on the stage, and should be highly charismatic. Being an idol in Korea and Japan is different. There are many expectations. Idol group in Korea are looking forward to Japanese music industry. In Korea, they will accept new musicians. A typical example, Dong Bang Shin Gi. “We love everything about Japan, thanks to our senior, Dong Bang Shin Gi. Our seniors, Dong Bang Shin Gi are from Korea and became an idol group in Japan and thereby, changed the perception. But skills alone will not let you achieve in the Japanese market. Dong Bang Shin Gi was able to succeed in Japan, their skills reached. They considered a strategy in localization. Supernova emphasized localization strategy they were very particular with the language. For almost two years as they were ready to debut in Japan and they speak Japanese without an interpreter. Thus, including their debut single that was released September last year, they were able to top eight out of ten in Oricon singles daily chart, gaining popularity in Japan. "In Japan there are some things we cannot do. We want to work hard on our shows. We came back after two years. We want to see our fans in Korea. credit: EDaily translated by: snowflakes065 @ Supernova PH
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