They topped the Japanese Oricon Singles Chart and the word stars fitted them After 2 years and 6 months, the six member male group Supernova, returned to Korea and released their mini album, Time To Shine. They debted in Japan September last year. They released a single and had activities for one year. Their 9 singles ranked in the top 5 of oricon and put in the limelight as a star. “It’s unbelievable that we receive so much attention in Japan.” Supernova’s leader Yoonhak said. “There are still activities in Japan so we’ll be back.” He said. Year 2008 when we went to Japan for SG Wannabe’s concert. As a guest, we climbed the stage taking it as a matter to pinch to go up.” (Geonil) Yoonhak was funded with scholarship for Business Administration at University of Aichi Prefecture in Japan. He even taught the members with Japanese too, in this sequence, they also slef-studied the language. They performed in various stages and stand out. Famous labels, Universal, Sony, Pony Canyon noted them. In 2009 when Universal Japan and Supernova signed a contract. That year, they released their debut single, ‘Kimi Dake Wo Zutto’ and ranked 5th in Oricon Daily Singles Chart, and eve after, all the singles released entered the Oricon chart. As a result, they will hold a concert in October and December. “For October, the 6000 seats were sold out in 5 minutes and on December, they will meet their 2000 fans. Their fan café members even exceeded 10,000.” (Kwangsu) “Before our concert in Japan, we want to be recognized by our Korean fans first. And We ranked no. 2 in Oricon, we tried to be number one but haven’t made it yet. We will continue to achieve it.” (Sungmo) credit: Donga News Translated by: snowflakes065 @ Supernova PH

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wish best 4 css
    hope they will be recognized in korea too, they deserve it
    always be a fan of css
    css fighting

  2. eija says:

    they ranked at no 2..really..??
    im happy that they are well received in japan..
    but still somehow i still do hope they will actively promote in korea too..

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