Local fans in Korea want them back in their country. They made it big in Japan Back in Autumn 2007 when they released their debut album in Korea. Supernova had spent a long time of hiatus in Korea. But they made it big in Japan. Last September 209 when they released their debut single ‘Kimi Dake Wo Zutto’ and at the same day it was released, it entered the Oricon Singles Daily Chart and the succeeding singles, also ranked to the top 10. It was a unexpected result. In response, the members had a close relationship with their fans. “We think our song is different in compared to other groups,” Supernova showed humility. They frequently shake hands with their fans and also direct contact. After the debut in Japan, they prepared a step by step success into one big step. January 2008 when they performed as a guest to SG Wannabe’s concert in Japan and there were many good responses about them. Several major labels in Japan want to establish them an artist in Japan. But after some considerations, they made a deal with Universal Japan. After gaining popularity in Japan, they felt a strong feeling. They said, It’s a feeling that we’re debuting again. After an average of 3 years in seeing Korean fans and one album. As we started in Japan, we also want to make a comeback. “If we do not have activities in Japan, probably we’re not existing.” They said. They new album’s title track, ‘On the Days That I Miss You’ was made by the hit maker Brave Brothers. In addition to its strong sense of melody, it had an easy beat that increased its popularity. The goal of their comeback is to let the public know the presence of Supernova. “We want to be more intimate to our fans in Korea.” They said. Supernova will leave later this month in Japan to continue their activities there and to release their third studio album. They are going to tour Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. credit: Sports Seoul Translated by: snowflakes065 @ Supernova PH

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