Supernova will celebrate its anniversary on September 9. Last September 9 when Supernova debuted with their first single Kimi Dake Wo Zutto and at the same day, it climbed the Oricon Daily Chart into number 5 spot. And since last year,they released a total of nine singles, they made an amazing record, al topped the Oricon chart. They will celebrate their first year in Japan and they are prepearing for a special events. On September 22, they will release their commemorative album HOP STEP CLIPPING that includes various performances and a video DVD. It alsoinclues their movie that was shown last May, 'Kimi no Love Song.' A photobook is also included that was taken in Hawaii and also some of their special activities from Seoul. The making for the movie as well as the main movie is included on the DVD. After a year of focusin in Japan, they will also focus with their local activities in Korea. The launching for their activities in Japan will be postponed until September 22. Supernova said, "the debut in Japan is very memorable. All of us shed our tears. There is a need to celebrate." Supernova held a fan meeting last August 29. They also announced their tour to Japanese fans to celebrate for their anniversary. As many as 400 Japanese fans attended the event. They even flew to Korea and watched their rehearsal. They even visited Seoul and in Han River. They will stay in Korea until the eve of their anniversary in Japan, they will stay in Korea for their activities with 'On the Days That I Miss You.'The song 'On the Days That I Miss You' was written by Brave Brothers for their mini album 'TIME TO SHINE' and resulted to almost 25,000 record sales. credit: Sports Khan translated by: snowflakes065 @ Supernova PH PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING ON MY CREDITS.
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