Japanese website, ‘Wow Korea’, recently ran a poll for its visitors, asking them to name the top six Korean group leaders they would follow if they themselves were idols. The survey, which ran from mid-May to June 8th, received nearly 900,000 votes, giving viewers a clear insight of which Korean idols were most popular in Japan. In sixth place was SHINee’s beloved leader, Onew! With 809 votes, the cheerful boy captivated the hearts of around 0.1% of the web page visitors. After Onew came Jung Yoonhak of Supernova, in fifth place. With 1159 votes, this idol successfully proved that he was popular even in far-away Japan. Super Junior’s dimple-faced leader Leeteuk managed to beat the bottom two contestants by quite a large difference. With a little more than 102,000 nominations, Leeteuk tore off a large portion of the votes – 11.4%! Right before Leeteuk came one of Korea’s most famous celebrities. With exactly 300 more votes than the leader of Super Junior, Big Bang’s G-Dragon received 102,463 votes, giving him 11.5% of the total! Kim Hyunjoong was next in line for the nomination, and with 323,939 of the votes, the pretty-faced leader of SS501 was able to place an impressive second in this popular survey. And in first place, with a whopping 40.6% of the votes was DBSK’s charismatic leader, Yunho! With more than 360,000 nominations, Yunho was able to make quite a statement, and showed that despite the difficulties that his boy band is currently facing, the leader is still admired and eternally respected. How do these leaders score in your heart? Source: dnbn.pe.kr + wowkorea.jp via kpoplive Translation: sharingyoochun.net

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*This is June news*

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    Yay that is awesome news! Congrats to our leader!!! =)

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