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Supernova had returned. They accidentally entered the music industry in Japan and made a remarkable success. For one year, their income is less than 400,000 and in the situation like this, they have to continue and give up some things. Japan is the land of opportunity. As they topped the chart, they caughtthe attention of the Japanese music industry.

The leader Yonhak of Supernova who have attended University in Japan declared his secession to other members. When he said good -bye to his boss Kim Kwangsu, from a representative of his Agency, he heard the news from the boss that the represntatives of Japan have contracted an agreement with 'Universal Music' But the boss detained his secession with rough advice to Yoonhak saying " Guy should finish up something, once he have got starting it, and you couldn't change your mind " And Supernova made Yoonhak,who decided to have given up his singer's life and made his new livelihood, go ahead forward Japan with them and they applead for their twenties fans of Japan not to give up his singer's life. Supernova topped the Oricon chart in Japan for their debut and reached the top 5. At that time, they embraced each other and shed their tears. Every single they released topped the Oricon chart. They even held events and concerts, including a nationwide tour. “When you go to Japan for the first time, you don’t know what will be the outcome. But you can always find your chance.” When Korean singers enter a foreign country, there’s always a language barrier and often, they are frustrated when they stood in front of the stage. Supernova, led by Yoonhak, even began to study Japanese. May 2010 when they released three singles. Supernova once again shocked the Japanese music industry. They wiped the Oricon daily Chart 2-4. “Japan is a global level.” The promotion was good, around 7-8 to rank. They recently announced they will release a new mini album in Korea, “Time To Shine” and literally, Supernova will shine once again. As they had their comeback, they were nervous, but they shone on the stage. Fans gave negative comments, instead of a good response. Supernova will have their activities for the song “On the Days That I Miss You” for 4 weeks before heading back to Japan. “When I first debuted, I want to become famous.” “Supernova’s still alive.” Their anniversary in Japan will be on the last week of September. They will hold an event, starting on October 2 and a nationwide tour in Japan. In the second half of Japan, they will travel Japan and Korea back and forth.

credit: Newsen translated by snowflakes065 @ SupernovaPH
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