Global Tolerance with Music 2010 is a universal language of music by to pass down "the importance of tolerance and peace" is a music-themed act.As a stage towards the realization of the Enlightenment understanding of this theme, Universal Studios Japan will continue to give people around the world through a dream world-class entertainment to the stage ®, and artists representing Japan and Asia Pacific ACT will hold a live audience become one.
Performance Name: Friends of the UN Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010 at Universal Studios Japan ®   - Respect for the world to achieve tolerance in the power of music! Venue: Universal Studios Japan, a special site (designated outdoor block / standing) 1st performance: Opening keynote Raibuakutode, July 23 2010 (Friday), 17:00 pm-18:00 pm 2nd performance: Ceremony & Raibuakutode, July 24 2010 (Saturday), 14:00 pm- 15:00 pm 3rd performance: Dreams Raibuakutode, July 25 2010 (Sunday), 14:00 pm- 15:00 pm Performers will be: And many other artists such as Kato Miriya, BENI, Supernova, The Gospellers and Kay Crystal. Ticket price: 6,800 yen (tax block designated) 7,800 yen (tax block designated) 6,800 yen (tax block designated) Source: Yamaha-ar Credits : wintersun & 4MINUTE
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