Internet Music Festival is a festival where netizens are able to vote for the "most notable artist" online, held every December each year.
Winners will get sponsorship from FM Radio Station Japan.

Choshinsei is nominated with 3 songs (Kimi Dake Wa Hanasanai, Meki Love, and Kimiga Kienakute - if I'm right), currently "君だけは離さない (Kimi Dake Wa Hanasanai)" ranked at #17.

Join the poll here -->
And search for 超新星's "君だけは離さない"
Vote by pressing the grey button beside the point.

Some tips on voting :
- if you have a few web browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc) on your computer, simply use all of them (applies to other computers, and phone web browser)
- tweet using this 'gadget' to allow you get more points to vote

- if there's any Choshinsei fanbase, and Choshinei fans tweeted that, simply click it, so they (the one who tweeted it) can get more points to vote
- recommended to vote for 超新星's "君だけは離さない" as that's currently on the best spot compared to other song from them.

Got any questions?
Ask them, we'll try to help :)

Info : AstroMafia via dkpopnews
Written by : adela1991 @ choshinsei_love

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