Ranking of Korean groups' DEBUT SALES in Japan
This is ranked based on sales in their 1st week of Debut. 01. SNSD "Genie" 44,907 02. MBLAQ "Your Luv" 40,281 03. KARA "Mister" 29,238 04. Beast "Shock" 28,532 05. Big Bang "Heaven" 26,039 06. BoA "ID Peace B" 14,740 07. Supernova "Kimi Dake Wo Zutto" 8,542 08. ZE:A "Love letter/My only wish" 8,273 09. SES "Meguriau Sekai" 7,390 10. Se7en "Hikari" 7,303 11. 4MINUTE "Muzik" 4,241 12. FT Island "One Way" 4,043 13. CN Blue "The Way" 3,353 14. DBSK "Hug" 2,502 15. Cheon Sang Ji Hee (CSJH) "Boomerang" 967 Source: bestiz + absolutemblaq
* edited on Supernova's debut single
*In my opinion, this is just numbers. They do have difference in terms of debut time. Some of them debuted when K-Pop is not as big as it is now in Japan.
So, this is just a reference on how many they sell on their first week after debut.
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