Supernova and LPG recently participated in a photo shoot for their greetings for the new year.

Having an average height of 180 cm, the six members of Supernova were first dubbed as ‘models’, while LPG captivated fans with their 170 cm heights. With their naturally model-esque bodies, all 11 idol members successfully completed their photo shoot in hanboks with a relaxed atmosphere.

Supernova awaits the new year with great anticipation for their music careers. In particular, four of the six members, Geonil, Sung Mo, Ji Hyuk, and Kwangsu, were all born in the ‘Year of the Hare’. With 2011 also being the ‘Year of the Hare’, Supernova expressed, “Since 2011 is the ‘Year of the Hare’, we believe even better things will happen to us next year.”

Meanwhile, LPG stated, “We think we will be heading off to Japan as well as promoting in Korea for 2011. If we do advance into Japan, we hope we can follow the great successes of Supernova.”

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

Via : allkpop
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