=Sungje= 2010-10-08 @ 12.48am @mystyle1103 음~ 할말이 많다 10일날 한국들어가니까 한국에서 보자고~ㅎㅎ @mystyle1103 Hm~ I have lots to tell you. Since I'm going back on the 10th, let's meet in Korea then~ heehee =YoungSaeng= 2010-10-08 @ 12.47am @Sj861117sj ㅋㅋ난집이지~나도일본가고싶었는데ㅠ이제는시간이안될듯~~ㅋㅋ @Sj861117sj keke I am at home~ I also wanna go Japan TT I think I don't have the time now~~ keke =Sungje= 2010-10-08 @ 12.41am @mystyle1103 여기서보니까 색다른데~! 나 지금 일본이야~ 너어디야! ㅋㅋ @mystyle1103 It's different when seeing (you) from here~! I am now in Japan~ Where are you! keke =YoungSaeng= 2010-10-08 @ 12.35am @Sj861117sj 와우~~드디어빨로우가됐어~ @Sj861117sj Wow~~Finally followed~
** =Sungje=
2010-10-08 @ 11.23pm
@mystyle1103 와우 우리영생이
@mystyle1103 Wow, our Youngsaeng
Credits : xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
** choshinsei-love.blogspot.com
*wow, they'll coming back on the 10th*
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