Do you have any special message that you'd like to say to 'Cho Shin Sung(Supernova, 超新星)'? KBS World would like to deliver them for you~! Please send us your message with your picture through KBS World Twitter ( Your message and pictures will be on air and the winners will receive the autographed CD~!! The message has to include: 1) Your messages to ChoShinSung 2) "Your" Picture that shows your love for ChoShinSung <- Important~!! 3) Your name and Country For the fans in Japan , please send your messages & pictures by Sept 8th (Wed) 5 o'clock (UTC+9, Seoul)). <<>>
For the fans in other countries , please send your messages & pictures by Sept 9th (Thur) 5 o'clock (UTC+9, Seoul). Show us your love~ and get the autographed CD~!!
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